Andhra Pradesh are one of the largest crop producing states in India and the largest in production of Maize. We are located on the border of Andhra Pradesh Highway at Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh. The strategic location of Anantpur allows us to have access to Andhra Pradesh, also we are only 108 km from the International Airport, Bangalore,Karnataka.

The following factors make it feasible for us to setup Organised Agro-farms in the Region:

  • Free Electricity: The government has subsidised electricity in the state for Agriculture activities.
  • Affordable Land Prices: Land Prices in the region range from Rs 5,00,000 - Rs 10,00,000 per acre depending upon a land’s proximity from the national highway.
  • Suitable Weather: With 20 agriclimatic regions, all 15 major climates in the world exist in India. The country also possesses 46 of the 60 soil types in the world Record production of food grains. The weather remains constant between 20-35 degree Celsius throughout the year allows to work more efficiently, also making it possible to do multiple rotation of the same crop throughout the year. Unlike North India, where the weather are extreme in Summers and Winters, the crops that can be cultivated during each season are different.
  • Modern Irrigation: Modern methods of irrigation are already under practice on a high scale in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The manpower in the region is already educated about it and the importance of Conserving Water.
  • Easy Availability of Skilled Manpower: Being one of the states having a high literacy rate of 76.5% in India, there is easy availability of skilled manpower.
  • Fertile Soil: The area unlike Norther region of India still has lands with virgin and unexplored soils which are not exposed to high use of pesticides and insecticides.
  • Subsidies: The government offers subsidies on various things like Irrigation and Infrastructure Setup which is an additional benefit to the company.